Top MMORPG 2013 Games

Which game is the perfect one for you? Read this Top MMORPG 2013 games list to find out. These online games were ranked based on gameplay, graphics, community and content. The list is divided into three categories for pay-to-play, free-to-play and no subscription (buy-to-play) MMORPGs.

Top MMORPG 2013 Games List: Free-to-Play Forever


Dungeons & Dragons Online – players can enjoy classic role-playing in a massive online game in this 3D epic fantasy MMORPG. The vibrant and detailed graphics are what set this MMO apart as well as its lore, story and setting. Quests in DDO are all unique and story-driven. Instanced dungeons that are tailored to the players’ level and abilities feature prominently in the game. This is a great game for social players since DDO rewards cooperative gameplay. There is a built-in voice chat system, too.

Link: Dungeons & Dragons Online

Neverwinter – a brand new MMORPG by Wizards of the Coast, Cryptic Studios, Hasbro, and Perfect World. Neverwinter offers classic, challenging action RPG gameplay, dynamic action combat, team-based instanced dungeons, and The Foundry, a tool that lets players create and share their own adventure online. It’s enormously fun so give it a try if you like free to play fantasy MMOs.

Link: Neverwinter

Perfect World International – if beautiful graphics are what you want then give this game a try. Perfect World International is a free-to-play 3D MMORPG that has tons of content and very smooth gameplay. Character creation is very detailed so that players can customize their avatar as much as they want to. Plus, because it is a very popular game with an active and passionate community, it is possible to buy everything you need from other players without having to buy items from the cash shop.

Link: Perfect World International

Top MMORPG 2013 Games List: Pay to Play

final fantasy mmorpgFinal Fantasy XI – a fun, well-designed, top quality MMORPG with beautiful graphics. Apart from being an all-around great game, FFXI also has one of the best player communities around. The reason for this is simple: a lot of the content is meant for parties, not solo players. Naturally, this attracts a lot of social gamers so there are always a lot of friendly and helpful players around.

Buying from Amazon is currently very cheap and download linked below contains the game with all of the expansions and addons.

Link: FINAL FANTASY XI Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition [Download]

World of Warcraft – still one of the most played games of 2013 with millions of players faithfully logging in everyday to get their daily dose of WoW goodness, this is the MMORPG that started it all. WoW is worth trying out if you have never played it.

Link: World of Warcraft website (English)

Eve Online – this is more of a niche game. Eve Online is a sandbox futuristic space MMORPG in which players explore, settle and conquer thousands of solar systems. It’s basically a virtual world with no grind or levels, one that players control. Most items are player-made so virtual commerce plays a big role in Eve Online. This is a non-traditional game so it’s mostly for gamers who are looking for something unusual they can sink their teeth into.

Link: Eve Online

A Tale in the Desert – one of the most innovative MMORPGs today that is sadly underrated. A Tale in the Desert (ATitD) is a crafting-focused game with no combat. All players work towards the same goal of developing the technological progress of a region through gathering resources and building settlements.

Link: A Tale in the Desert

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – the only new pay to play MMORPG to launch in 2013, FFXIV is due to be released August 27, 2013 for the PC and Playstation 3. This new game has everything players have come to expect from a Final Fantasy game – great storytelling, beautiful graphics, HD cut-scenes, and more.

Link: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition [Download]

Top MMORPG 2013 Games List: Buy to Play (No Monthly Subscription)

These two games are not free because you need to purchase the games to play them, however there is no monthly fee.


Guild Wars 2 – the biggest hit game of 2013 so far. An excellent game with a good story, fun dynamic events, and gorgeous graphics, GW2 is definitely one of the top MMORPG games of 2013. Each character has a personal story that changes based on the player’s choices. Combat is fast, fun and not too hard to master. Crafting and exploration also give rewards which is a good thing for those who prefer not to spend all their time fighting.

Link: Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition [Online Game Code]

The Secret World – myths, urban legends, conspiracy theories come alive in The Secret World which is set in the modern-day real world with recognizable locations such as London, New York, or Seoul. It’s a dark fantasy full of creatures like vampires, wendigos, werewolves, mummies, demons, zombies, etc. Great for players who enjoy puzzles and a good plot.

Link: The Secret World

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3D Anime MMORPG Games

3D Anime MMORPG Games List for 2013

The most popular and recommended anime MMOs are:

anime mmorpg 2013


Rumble Fighter

La Tale


Browser-based Anime MMO Games

Pockie Pirates

Eternal Saga

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter

Tales of Solaris


This is not a list of every anime MMO game available, this is just the ones we recommend.

Opinion: Why I Like Anime MMORPGs

An MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is a video game genre that allows thousands of players to play in the game online at the same time. This genre allows players to assume roles of fictional characters in the game and control the actions of their respective characters, just like in all role-playing games (RPGs). MMORPGs, which began in the late 1990s, also highlight the objectives of usual RPGs, particularly completing quests and making one’s player character stronger.

MMORPGs have various characteristics that make them different from single-player and multiplayer online games. First, MMORPGs usually revolve on fantasy themes, although there may also be elements of sword and sorcery, science-fiction, and crime fiction in the games. As mentioned earlier, MMORPGs let players to play simultaneously in the game’s persistent world. This persistent world refers to the virtual world that continues to exist and evolve even if the player has left the game. This persistent world is typically hosted by the publisher of the game.

Aside from having a persistent game environment, MMORPGs also include a system of character development, progression and customization. In fact, one primary goal of MMORPGs is character development. Gamers can earn experience points through completing quests and fighting against monsters. Characters can also acquire wealth through combat and undergoing quests. Some gamers even resort to “grinding,” which refers to the act of killing the same enemy repeatedly in order to progress. In addition to this, players may need to form teams with other gamers, thus allowing interaction with other players while playing to progress.

The majority of MMORPGs have client-server system architecture, meaning that gamers can connect to the persistent world generated by the server software through client software. Some MMORPGs even require monthly subscription, while others rely on sales of software and expansion packs. Others allow players to play for free but additional items and equipment may be needed to be purchased at certain prices. There are also some MMORPGs that run on several distinct servers, each representing an independent world, while other games allow players to go to different worlds but not at the same time.

While many game developers strive to produce the most realistic possible graphics there are also those who used stylized graphics. Although this type of game may look cartoony to Western gamers, hand-drawn or anime style graphics enjoy a more mainstream acceptance among Eastern players. Typically, stylized graphics are also less prone to the dangers of the uncanny valley variety and some people might find it easier to suspend disbelief in a fantasy setting if the graphics are clearly stylized. Anime type graphics also tend to be easier on lower or mid-end machines since detailed high definition 3D graphics need better PC specs to run.

However, in the end it all boils down to personal preference and tastes. Some people find bright, cartoony graphics a turn-off; others think nothing of it as long as the gameplay is fun; many actually prefer anime-style MMORPGs. This post was written for people who are specifically looking for the latter.

Best Free to Play MMORTS and Strategy MMO Games List

These days free to play (f2p) is in! Subscription MMO games have increasingly become a thing of the past and there are now dozens of great f2p titles around. One of the most popular genres is the real-time strategy (RTS) games in which players control a base or city, build it up, gather resources, then battle it out with other players. It’s very exciting done MMO-style with hundreds or thousands of other players plus its all for free. So which ones are the best free to play MMORTS games? Read on and find out what the MMO world has to offer in 2013.

Best Free to Play Strategy MMO 2013

best mmorts 2013

Wartune – a revolutionary new game that combines MMORPG and MMORTS elements. Players create a character and adventure in the game world just like in an RPG game. Each character also has control of a run-down town that he or she must protect, defend and build up so that it becomes prosperous. In other words, Wartune gameplay blends character progression and empire building.

Wartune Screenshots:

wartune screenshots

wartune screenshot

Other top features include PvP battle grounds and arenas, crafting/farming, single and multi-player dungeons, and thousand-player boss battles. Wartune is quite fun and has a friendly community. This is a very popular game with over 40 million players.

Link: Wartune

golden age

Golden Age – in this game you can do the usual empire-building, resource gathering and training up of armies in a medieval setting. There are also instanced dungeons which are quite fun. But what sets this game apart is that Golden Age offers players the opportunity to create and customize their own avatar which can then trade and socialize real-time with other players in the hub town Sanctum City.

Travian – a classic real-time strategy game that has an incredible 120 million registered players worldwide.

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances – the original Command & Conquer is a classic of RTS gaming and its latest iteration, Tiberium Alliances is a worthy successor.

Goodgame Empire – a castle-building game with colorful picture-book style graphics that are stylish and pleasing to the eye.

Forge of Empires – if you like PvE, this MMORTS has a good single-player campaign

Battle Dawn – an MMORTS with three unique and different settings: Earth, Mars and Fantasy.

Top F2P MMORTS 2013: Advice about which game to play

All of the games listed here are free to play browser-based massively multiplayer online real-time strategy games (MMORTS). Since there is no download involved and most games offer a simple one-step registration, you can easily try out all of the games featured in this post.

However, if you want some more guidance, here it is.

Do you like to socialize and are you fond of RPG games? Then pick either Wartune or Golden Age.

Do you want classic, core RTS gameplay? Then give Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances or Travian a try.

Are you the type of person who likes city-building best? Forge of Empires and Goodgame Empire have the most attractive city-building graphics and players-vs-environment play.

Is science fiction or futuristic your preferred type of setting? Then Battle Dawn or Tiberium Alliances could be the right MMORTS for you.

Do you already play and are looking for something better than your current game? Try Wartune. It really has great graphics and innovative game design.

Pay to Play vs Free to Play: Pros and Cons of Both Types of MMO Games

Pay to play (p2p) vs free to play (f2p) is one of those things that people can never agree on. Which one is better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? This post will explore these questions and more.

Pay to Play

f2p mmorpg 2013P2p is very simple to understand. Professionally produced commercial MMO games are meant to make money for the game companies and it also takes money to run the servers and create new content. That being the case, players have to pay for the game and a monthly fee if they want to continue playing.

Successful MMORPGs that use the pay to play business model are World of Warcraft, Eve Online, Rift and the older MMOs such Everquest, Ultima Online and Dark Ages of Camelot.

While at first glance it might seem that this is an expensive hobby since gamers must pay for the box, all of the expansions and subscription fees, for those who play a lot this is really only a few cents per day. The price it not that high since players can enjoy hundreds of hours of entertainment.

Free to Play

free mmo 2013Free to play, on the other hand, is not as simple an idea as p2p so it needs more of an explanation.

Firstly, it must be taken into account that just like p2p games, the developers of f2p MMORPGs also expect to make a profit and that they also have the same ongoing expenses for server use, customer service, bug fixes and content creation.

Secondly, we are talking about commercial, professional made MMORPGs that take a lot of time, effort and money to produce. Quality MMOs of the type gamers want are not something an amateur can make on his own.

Thirdly, given that these are commercially produced games, they are all monetized.

In conclusion, free to play simply means its free to download, install and play – but the need for monetization means that not everything in the game is free.

It’s naive to think that there could be any “true” f2p MMORPG with no cash shop or membership. Only abandonware or freeware games are one hundred percent free.

Free to play is actually freemium.


“Freemium” is a combination of the words “free” and “premium.” This is in fact a business model that is as old as the internet. For example, many website hosting companies are freemium in that they offer free basic hosting for small websites and premium paid hosting packages that offer more advanced features. To give another example, the most popular newspaper website in the US is the New York Times which is free for casual website visitors who can access a limited number of articles a month but heavy users must pay to access more of the NYT site.

When it comes to MMORPGs there are many different ways to monetize them. Games like Runescape are f2p but paying a monthly membership fees allows players to access more content. Other titles have a cash shop (also called an item shop) that sells premium item for real life money. There are also a few that are “pay as you go” like Lord of the Rings Online in which players can play for free but can also purchase expansions, extra features (more character slots, priority login, no gold cap, etc.) or pay a monthly fee to become a VIP member.

mmorpg online

Pros and Cons


Pay to play is suitable for most players as long as they have the money upfront to pay for all of the games they like as well as the expansions and monthly fees.

Free to play, on the other hand, is more for people who don’t want to pay right away for a game they are not sure they like. Generally, when f2p players find a game they like they are much more receptive to the idea of buying premium items, features or membership.


P2p is therefore not available to everyone who wants to play since they will need to pay for it right away. If a player does spend his or her money on a game but it turns out that he or she did not like it, there is no refund given. This can be expensive if the player must try out several games before finding the one that he or she really likes.

F2p at first has no real disadvantages. Since its free anyone can play it as much as they like and players can try out as many f2p MMORPGs as they wish until they find one that suits them the most.

However, once a player starts to become really serious about a game, to the extent that he or she strives to get one hundred percent completion, it can start becoming expensive. Some free to play MMORPGs are notorious for having very expensive end-game gear that costs hundreds of dollars. It should be noted that most players of MMO games never reach the “end” of the game (max level) so this problem is not universal and affects only a small portion of the player population. Our opinion about f2p vs p2p

In this website,, our position is that both free and pay to play have their pros and cons. That’s why we have both types on this website. We also reject the idea that free to play means everything should be free. The MMORPGs that we list and recommend here are those that have reasonable monetization. As long as a f2p MMO costs only as much as a p2p does (a few cents per day) we consider this reasonable.