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Topmmorpg2013.net is a review and hobby website owned and managed by “Gregory Moore” also known as “thatguy” and “Greg who?” on the internet. In this website he is simply called Greg or admin.

About Greg

I have played MMO games since 2000. I do like old school MMORPGs but while nostalgia is an acceptable emotion, I am much more interested in which MMOs these days are innovative and fun. To be truthful I mostly favor MMORPGs though I do also play other types of MMos such as real-time strategy (MMORTS), shooters (MMOFPS), MOBAs, and even casual, quirky MMOs.

I used to play pay-to-play (p2p) MMOs but like many other players have switched to free-to-play (f2p) even though I still have monthly subscriptions still running because I am too afraid to lose what I already have.

The goals of this website are pretty simple. I want to:

  • identify which MMO games are hot right now
  • list which MMOs are the best
  • help others find the perfect game for them

My vision of this website is for me and other MMO players to have a place to find and talk about the top MMORPGs of 2013. I made it so that gamers can enjoy a nicely designed site that isn’t overflowing with ugly ads.

From my interactions with many MMO communities and forums I know for a fact that most people do not want to read a long, long review. That is why most of my articles are short and to the point. I also prefer to use the popular “top list” type of content since it is very readable and easy to understand.

Thank you for reading.

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